Roll Over – Web Design and Me

When I think of “good design” I think of architecture. You know, that first time you see a particular building, an impressive house, or a breath-taking garden and just go, “Whoa. Look at that!” The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, comes to my mind, as well as some of the oceanside homes along both coasts of Florida. I’m not an architecture or landscape architecture expert, not even an amateur, but there’s something about a well-designed structure that blends function, creativity, and beauty in a way that makes even a 40-year-old high school English teacher go, “Whoa.”

It’s the same when I was in layout and graphic design in newspapers, and now I want to accomplish it in web design. I want to make people go, “Whoa”, even if they don’t know — and can’t say — why they are saying it. Sometimes I think there is an artist deep down inside trying to break free with words, photos, color, graphics, and organization, and that artist wants to share it, whether exclusively in the field of freelance design, or in academics, or even just through the family businesses.

At this point, I cannot even begin to list websites that give me inspiration or news for design. I wander and explore a great deal. I appreciate. I consume. I look for the next thing that will make me say, “Whoa.”


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