Sit, Stay

After 21 years of a little bit of everything, I am heading back into the classroom to update myself to Shannan 5.0. And by classroom I mean my computer, extra monitor, webcam, headphones, microphone, and a closed door that only occasionally keeps out hungry Powell males and two curious dogs.

It’s my turn. The teacher is becoming a student again!

I’m heading back to UF to earn my master’s in Web Design and Online Communication, and can’t be more thrilled. As I looked through class materials and participated in the first evening of classes, I knew I was doing the right thing. Though I majored in journalism and love to write, I always enjoyed the Graphic Design part of classes and that part of my job in newspapers and copywriting. This seems like a perfect blend of both worlds for me right now. (But ask me again what I think later when the classwork piles up while I’m trying to grade papers with one hand, make dinner with the other, and walk the dogs with the third arm I’m still trying to grow.)

Stopping just long enough for the hubby to take a photo


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