Turn Around

The focus of this post is going to be font choice, specifically what I have in mind for my final project in class. First, I need to get one thing out of my system…


Thanks. Is that a sickness? I should maybe explore that a little more.

I have some interesting challenges with the fonts on the website I will be creating, but I also have a good amount of creative freedom, within those parameters. I am creating a site for an independent dealer, who’s company is part of a larger national corporate office. The biggest constraint is having a corporate logo that already have a set font within it for the overall company name.

ForeverLawn is the national presence. I will be creating the site for ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay. I do like the font chosen for the logo, I just can’t mess with it and need to find other fonts that compliment it. It is a serif font (close to Microsoft Himalaya, but just not quite) and looks good with a sans serif for subheads, like the corporate slogan.

The body type I can work with, including the corporate slogan, which does not have a set font requirement. Here is how it appears on the corporate site:

I don’t mind this font, but most of the body text fonts are light, thin Verdana. Verdana, while it is a common font for websites, does not have enough character for me when combined with other lower weight, but bigger sized fonts. I would rather use something closer to Georgia with added space between lines. I would like a font that conveys trustworthiness and professionalism, without too much seriousness. I’d like to go for a lighter feel in text, including eliminating wordiness that the owner tends towards.

In addition to thinking about the fonts, as I’m trying to develop a big picture, I already know that I want to use white background to increase contrast for readability, and use a trustworthy blue color with green accents (it is all about the grass, after all), including changes in font colors.

I’m getting more eager to start this final project the more I learn and the more I think about.


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