This week, I’m thinking — and most definitely learning – about text editors. In my very, very (I should add a few more verys!) brief exposure to text editors, I am learning that no two text editors are equal. Though in my limited experience, I know which one I like better.

I come from a newspaper layout and design background, and have recognized that I am a visual person. Coding is not for visual people, necessarily, but it is the means to a visual end. So while I am coding I want something with a little more humpf to it.

Notepad is what came standard with my computer. Here is Notepad in all its glory:

Not the most exciting eye candy for someone like me. It’s utilitarian, though, and doesn’t have much to distract, but it makes me feel like I have limited options despite what options might be in the menus at the top.

And it’s difficult to scan, especially when looking for coding errors, because everything looks the same.

Now compare that to the brilliance that is Notepad++:









Look at all the options and appealing icons. Now, honestly, I do not have a clue what most of them do, having just begun to learn to code, but they interest me and give me a less constrained feeling. The bestest (I like the non-word, so leave it alone) feature is the color-coded text. Tags in blue, attributes in purple, commands in red, text in black — BOOM! How beautiful is that? Now as I venture into the land of coding, during a time I’m sure to make lots and lots of errors, I just might be able to find some of them myself — with a certain amount of luck. Plus Plus, you complete me!


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