Now that we are getting into the meat of coding in HTML (not experts but any stretch of the imagination, but familiar enough to read a little source code on our own), I’m learning about so many resources available for web construction that I never knew existed. And now I have to look at them critically to decide whether they will be a resource I utilize, or one a eschew.

Take, for instance, something call the Tabs Generator. Very cool little gadget to play around with.









I can see both sides of an argument about using something like this. Before I endeavored to enter the master’s degree program, I tried rather unsuccessfully to build a few websites. I mean, they worked and everything, but I was flying blind and using whichever template tool I could figure out. I might have used something like this to make my life easier, but I didn’t even know you could find these things online. I’m guessing most individuals taking a stab at creating at web page don’t know about these sites. I didn’t know how to code then, but I was able to at least give the owners of the sites a presence on the web.

Did I consider myself an expert? Heck, no!

In fact, I still wouldn’t call myself an expert, but that is the goal. I see where these sites can give great options to beginners, but if everyone uses them, then everything will begin to look the same — and didn’t those amazing designs of one of my previous blogs discuss why those designs made me fall in love with web design? They’re different, they’re beautiful, they’re made by experts who know how to use all the tools and resources at their disposal to create something very different from ever single other site on the web.

In order to learn my craft and become an expert in web design and development, I’m going to need to know all my tools and all my resources. That includes coding. Like everything else in life, there are no shortcuts to long-term success.


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