Going places

As I think about where I’m going with the website I want to build with ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay, I’m facing a number of questions and issues with making ideas reality. First, the site will be advertising a product, so sales will be the focus, as will consumer education of the product and installation. One of the first questions we get early in the sales process is whether prospective customers can see actual installations.

With a product like artificial turf, is it realistic to expect customers to need a mobile app? I have to trains of thought on this one. I don’t believe that people will necessarily need to access all of our product and installation information immediately on the go. But what about when a customer is at a commercial or residential site and is struck by the appearance of the product and wants to know more? I feel that making them wait until they get home, may stifle the excitement of the possibility of owning the same turf.

Therefore, what is the best option. Believe it or not, this is where I start considering a QR code. Why not? If the customer’s interest is piqued, why not have a small sign/plaque embedded in the installation, where passers-by can see the name of the company, then jump to a web page, or even an inquiry form to get information. They like what they see, they consider the possibilities, they explore the option immediately without having to go home and have a little time to reconsider whether to pursue the option further.

Perhaps there isn’t necessarily a need for an entire mobile app, but there is a need to access information on the go.k


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