After I wrote about the possible use of the QR code in my last post, I was considering current uses for the technology and whether they might apply to web design, such as my own commercial web page client. What I did bot add into the discussion was the limitations to the code as it exists now.

I’m not convinced that the QR code is the end-all-be-all of today’s online communication. There are still untapped uses for the code, because the code itself is still in its infancy stage. The code may not even be used as it is for much loner considering the rapid growth and expansion of such option. I do feel that this is a customary phase in the advent of this particular digital technology.

I don’t even think a large proportion of smart phone and computer users utilize QR codes. They may turn to it eventually, but I think there needs to be further development of the technology and what it can do. When I visited Orlando’s Surf Expo, a water sports industry standard for retailers who plan to feature and buy products for upcoming seasons, I was able to get a floor plan of the event on my smart phone by scanning the QR code. That was convenient, and it also linked me to the web page for the event. This was an efficient use for the technology.

In contrast, I was driving along Interstate-75 just north of the Brandon/Hwy 60 exit of the highway east of Tampa. One-sixth of a billboard along the road had a large QR code on it. Maybe it would work, but it would only be able to be scanned by a passenger in moving vehicle traveling at about 60 miles per hour — and half those passengers would miss it. How ineffective is that use? Perhaps, that sign is a step in another direction for the codes or for the evolution of the next phase of the QR codes.



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