Marking Territory

The more I delve into coding in class, the more I am seeing an interesting contradiction. While the code is a rigid format that must be adhered to in order to achieve a desired effect, how the code is used is where the coder’s style and creativity comes into play. Hence, the personal choices, or even combinations, of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, or any of the other options available. As a novice in the web design world, it is fascinating to learn more about each one.

I can see how coders become possessive about their code in their work. Being creative is what sets designers apart, after all. Either that, or we’d all be looking at cookie-cutter web sites all the time. So, when the branding for HTML5 through a universal logo was introduced as an all-encompassing entity, I can understand the backlash it received.

Developers pride themselves on their abilities to create to their style and if they choose another format from HTML to shine, why would they want to be forced into calling it what it isn’t?


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