Teaching an Old Dog

In the world of web design and development, everything moves so quickly and changes so rapidly. It’s been incredibly obvious in just the few months I’ve been in this master’s program. So now that we’re learning basic HTML and CSS, and heading into HTML5 and CSS3, does it matter whether I ever learn XHTML and CSS2?

Already I can tell you the answer to that. It has been extremely important to learn the basic “first” language, and then at least touch on the evolution of the languages. At this point, I’m glad I learned xhtml prior to beginning HTML5 because I understand the process and coding much better than had I just dove headfirst into the latest.

The comparison that comes to mind is once again my son’s wakeboarding progression. He didn’t start with the biggest and most impressive tricks, even though many people come out to the wake park just to learn one or two big tricks. He learned the very simple ones first, and then layered on the new ones gradually. He was able to understand the progression of tricks in the history of the sport, which means he can relate to all aspects of the sport and the individual elements of every trick. We study theory with application, so that we not only learn the applications, but the evolution and the WHY of the processes involved.

Although I am a self-professed continual learner, there is more than just curiosity behind learning HTML, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS2, CSS3,…..


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