A New Look – Digital Imagery in Web Design Project

For my DIWD Project 3, I choose a classic (pop) culture symbol and put a new twist on it for appeal to an entirely different audience. May I present to you the 2012 Star Wars Leadership Conference. Many of the characters from the 1979 movie Star Wars have achieved such iconic status in our pop culture that most adults can identify with them in some way. If we look at three of the most memorable “leaders” presented in the film series, I’m sure we can identify those qualities that make them leaders, first of all, and then what makes them different leaders from one another.

All important business conferences have a website containing all the necessary information for prospective and registered attendees:

The website was the first idea to come to mind in re-branding or reinventing Star Wars as a business leadership tool. I looked around at similar leadership sites and included what seemed like common elements of them all — photos of speakers, splashy banner, video introduction, and brief explanations of what attendees will be hearing.

And to make sure as many business leaders as possible are directed to that informative website, I created a print advertisement that might be placed in business journals and other pertinent publications:

This ad contains the same banner for continuity, and speaker photos for interest. Then I chose photos of the three featured leadership experts. I used mostly graphics — with one-word descriptions of the three featured leadership styles — to draw attention to the subject matter and directed readers to the online site for registration. I let the star power of the presenters speak for the conference.

And finally, I created a video presentation that is included in DVDs available to participants of the leadership conference. The DVDs are an extension of the conference so that business leaders may take them home to continue to develop the skills and principles promoted by each individual leader:

2012 Star Wars Leadership Conference



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