This week in class we presented our ever-evolving website mock-ups. I think my is on it’s fourth or fifth manifestation, but looking back at what I started with in my sketches is building my confidence that I am moving in the right direction. Every change I have made has been for a specific purpose, not just because.

One of the best experiences I have had in the process is the feedback I received from both my instructor and a classmate. It makes me eager to get involved with usability testing when I begin working on my own. This week feedback from my classmates was excellent. She saw a few things on my main page that I had missed, including a spacing discrepancy and suggested better alignment for easier to read media feeds/links. On the interior she called me out on something I had debated on using, though I knew it was a questionable decision when I included lines to divide columns that made the photos connected to them look like flags. When I began to question it alone, I didn’t take them out, even though they bothered me. With another set of eyes looking at, I got valuable feedback, and learned that if I am questioning a part of the design, I should probably do something about it.

Overall, I was getting comfortable with the design when I turned it in, and received very positive feedback for the entire project. I’d welcome the opportunity for more opportunities to share our work and discuss its merits and its shortfalls. Feedback is sometimes tough to hear, but in the end, it is more valuable. Consider what would happen if you only heard the feedback from strangers after your site went live. Yikes!


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