In the Kennel

Haha! I’m laughing that I am haunted by this site this semester. We looked at it at the beginning of class, and now we’ve been asked to revisit it.

It is a beautiful nightmare, isn’t it? Unless you have actually visited the site, you don’t really know what I’m talking about. Sure, the layout looks really cool. I love Marc surrounded by black and white photograph links. But the whole cursor motion is enough to boost the sales of Dramamine!

For a website, that may be a good thing. It is just so different, you need to see it to believe it. In this class alone, I’ve visited the site a half dozen times, when I normally would’ve visited it not at all. Now, I’m not buying anything, but I am a car in that traffic.

Last week, a professor was showing us a number of sites and asking our opinions on them, and I actually said that I preferred the Marc Ecko site to a number of them. A moment of insanity? Maybe. But despite the self-induced vertigo, it is still a page that gives the user an engaging experience. Success? Maybe. Still not sure, because I need to go lay down for a minute and let this wooziness pass…


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