Paying the Pooch

Now comes the biggest question of all: How are you going to integrate ads into the website? Is it necessary? Is it inevitable?

First of all, I have to admit that the web world is driven by advertising dollars – it is a necessary [evil]. Now, for a small local business, like the site I am currently creating is not going to be dead if there is no advertising. In fact, I wire-framed and coded the site sans ads. I don’t think it would be in the best interest of the small businees to advertise for anyone else at this point. Should the business grow, and suppliers ask for ad space (or barter for it), ads will be accommodated.

While it is difficult to give up real estate to advertisers, it is in the best interest for profits. I think that at this point, web advertising is what it is and may not have many other options than those presented in several different ways below.

Site takeovers are costly and annoying unless it’s for the entertainment industry, then they are becoming the norm. You can’t place ads out of site, that is not the point of the ads. You can’t make them compete with site content too much, so what the industry has developed is probably as good as it gets. There are options, not great options, but options nevertheless.


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