On the Leash

In pondering the possibilities of expanding and modifying this website, I have considered the possibility of creating a mobile site. While the audience for this site may not be quite large and diverse enough to warrant the extras, a mobile site would be pretty simple and usable for ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay. I am picturing something very similar to the lss.at.ufl.edu/mobile site that the e-Learning community has developed, with large menu buttons and simplified, graphics-free presentation.

I like the idea of accessing information, perhaps at a current or future client site, especially the products and the contact information. This is where I revisit the QR code question. If an interested prospective customer sees the product at a business or residential location, and we could install a metal logo plate with a QR code, they could bring up the site on their mobile device and get info immediately. The interest is there, information is immediate, and a customer is scheduled for an estimate before leaving the property, therefore avoiding loss of a prospect just because they had to remember a name, research a contact number, and just plain not forget their interest level once the product is no longer in front of them. This would also be a great tool for salesmen and installers to answer questions and guide customers on site.

Again, the size of this local company, the homogeneous current customer base, and the relatively low traffic numbers may not warrant it, but the option is there, and i think very doable.


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