Lay Down

What an unbelievable semester this has been — my first one in this graduate program. I have learned so much and have discovered that I am in a class with some very talented people. There has been much to reflect on and much more discovered – “Hello World” to here. I can’t believe there has been this whole other world of designers, developers, and online residents around that I knew nothing about.

For our final class blog (though perhaps not my final blog here?), I want to again revisit my goals for the future in this program and beyond. So, taking it from the top…. Throughout this semester we have looked at good and poor examples of “good design”, and I must sound like a broken record when I go back to Apple. Apple, Steve Jobs and his successors, and their entire team have pioneered good design in every application you could think of inserting design – packaging, web, products, stores, communications, presentations, and on, and on, and on. Their design is simple, yet effective; sleek, yet functional; minimal, yet attractive. How high they have set the standard.

Becoming successful in my own role as a web designer is important to me for a variety of reasons. I’d like to go back to freelancing as a writer and designer (I was formerly a freelance writer, copywriter, graphic designer), so I want to develop a solid reputation, but for me that is more a matter of pride in my work than anything. I want to be proud of my work, not just relieved when it’s done. I want to have others admire my work and seek me out, whether it’s for jobs, advice, or any other reason. My future may not necessarily hold wealth and renown, but I’d like to develop a consistent and reliable reputation and enough steady work to make a successful living.


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